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Cheaper to Rent then Buy?

We can show you a saving of $10-14,000 in 5 years what could you do with that?

Do you need a car every day? Here is a comparison with RENT V'S BUY

Perhaps combine Public transport and rental for a further saving? A Tax saving also.

Find out how much it costs to own and operate your car from RACV

Purchase Price $22,000    
(5yrs 13%)
Per Month
Per Year
Service (Schedule X 2)
Service (Unscheduled)
Battery (x2)
Depreciation (see below)


Car Rental
$900 p/m
Per Month
Per Year

Car Rental includes Maintenance, Cleaning, Rego, Insurance and you can upgrade anytime. Change into a People-mover, Commercial or Sports Car, take the advantage.

1 year
5 years
Total Savings


Calculation of Depreciation  
Purchase less Sale Price
Trade In (variance make/model)
$15,000 or $250 p/m


Need anything else? Not a problem phone, fax or use our contact form for any information you may require.
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